General Terms and Conditions

By Travel Agency Montenegro Adventure

General Terms and Conditions

Travel Agency Montenegro Adventure

You must accept and agree to these General Terms and Conditions in order for Montenegro Adventure to accept your booking.

Please read the General Terms and Conditions and Itinerary carefully before you make the booking, because they are an integral part of the Travel Contract and is binding on both parties. Also, read the Website Terms and Booking Conditions, which are additional to the General Terms and Conditions.


1.1 By purchasing a program and signing a contract, you establish a legal relationship with the tour operator and acknowledge that you are familiar with the program as terms and conditions of the program, and fully accept them. The terms and conditions of the General Terms & Conditions form an integral part of the Travel Contract between you and the Montenegro Adventure travel agency and are binding on the contracting parties, as well as it is the only condition for resolving any disputes.

1.1.1 The Organizer is liable to the passenger for what he is entitled to claim because of the Contract. The responsibility also applies to intermediaries that will be performed by someone other than the organizer. If the agent is part of the contract, it is responsible for the passenger in the same way as the Organizer.

1.1.2 The Main passenger is the person on whose behalf the contract is signed. The Main passenger is the first in the list of travel documents or mentioned in any other clear way. The Main passenger is responsible for payment according to the contract. Any changes and possible cancellations must be made by the Main passenger. Exceptions can be made if the Main passenger becomes seriously ill and may not make changes or cancellations. The Main passenger is responsible for providing the organizer with exact booking information for other passengers covered by the contract.

The Main passenger is the one who booked a tour and thus concluded an agreement with Montenegro Adventure. Travelers, ie traveling companions, wanting to make a change in the tour must do so through the Main passenger. The Main passenger is responsible for being available to deliver important notifications (eg schedule change) under the address, email and phone numbers provided by Montenegro Adventure.

1.1.3 If the passenger is under 18 years of age, traveling without a parent or guardian, this must be stated at the time of booking. A certificate of consent from all guardians must be submitted to the Organizer before payment is made.

1.2 The Organizer must inform passengers about matters of relevance to the passengers related to the Contract.

1.3 The Contract is binding upon the parties when the Organizer confirmed the order of the Main passenger in writing and the Main passenger paid the agreed deposit within the agreed time in accordance with the Organizer’s instructions.

1.4 The Organizer will promptly confirm the Main passenger’s order. Travel documents are sent to the Main passenger’s e-mail address, in written form, in the form of a confirmation, an e-card or as an e-voucher.


2.1 For a tour organized by Montenegro Adventure (hereinafter: Organizer), the passenger can notify, reserve or pay the tour through as well as in the “Montenegro Adventure” travel agency, by phone or in agencies that Montenegro Adventure travel agency has concluded a mediation agreement (hereinafter: Agent).
When the agency is an Agent of the program (which must be completely identical to the Organizer’s program without changes or additions) and confirms the tour, does not state the Agent’s status and does not list the Organizer’s license number and category or changes the program, responsible for the program’s implementation trip as Organizer.

2.1.1 Registration becomes valid when it is confirmed by the Organizer, with obligatory completion of the written Contract (confirmation) on the tour, which also may be in electronic form.

2.1.2 By signing a travel Contract, via the website (electronic) as well as in writing, the passenger acknowledges that the Terms & Conditions and travel program have been provided to him as well as the insurance terms that form an integral part of the contract, and that the same previously was read and approved.

2.1.3 The Organizer is obliged, before entering into a contract to inform passengers about any changes to information from the program, orally or in writing, or on a permanent medium that is easily accessible to passengers. If the passengers reserved a tour through distance communication, the Organizer shall inform they of any changes, the manner in which the reservation was made and the passengers may receive a new offer within two days from receipt of the notification or inform the Organizer that it is not approval and booking will be canceled.

2.1.4 When notification, the passenger is required to pay an obligatory deposit of 40% of the price, if something is not provided by the travel program, and the rest for the full amount of the agreed price to be paid 30 days before the start of the tour, or on another time limit. If the passenger does not pay the full amount within the time limit specified in the Contract, the travel program or these Terms & Conditions, the passenger is deemed to have canceled the tour.


3.1 The tour operator is obliged to act as a good organizer, both in terms of the services man performs himself and in the choice of the person entrusted with the performance of certain services.
In addition, this is required by the tour operator:

3.1.1 To enter into a travel contract with the passenger and issue it in written form or as electronic document via the Internet.

3.1.2 Make the traveler available for travel program and general Terms & Conditions.

3.1.3 To inform the traveler of the general Terms & Conditions, as well as the possibility and offer of different types of insurance.
The Organizer is obliged to inform passengers about the possibility of obtaining health insurance during their stay abroad, as well as travel insurance (baggage insurance, accident insurance, cancellation insurance, etc.) for travel abroad and domestic. Recommend the passenger to provide insurance for the specified travel arrangements. By signing a Contract, the passenger confirms that he has been offered a travel insurance package that does not include obligatory health insurance that the passenger pays separately, or with an application for the issue of entry visa.

3.1.4 To ensure rights and interests in accordance with good business practices in this area.

3.1.5 In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, the lack of visibility between the contracted and performed service eliminates and, if not possible, to offer the passenger other suitable services until the end of the tour, without additional costs for the passengers.

3.1.6 Providing to the passenger a return on a real price difference due to current and substantiated written objection due to the complete or partial non-execution of the services covered by the travel program, all in accordance with the law and the general Terms & Conditions of Montenegro Adventure.


4.1 Montenegro Adventure aim is to operate all tours as advertised accepts that it may prove necessary or advisable to vary or modify a tour itinerary or its contents due to prevailing circumstances that could not be foreseen, avoided or remedied or for any other reason.

4.1.1 Montenegro Adventure reserves the right at any time to suspend or amend the content, accommodation, services or prices described in our brochure or online offers, or replace alternative arrangements of comparable monetary value; or local charge if options may not be made free of charge to the traveler; and it is not responsible for the traveler for costs or loss of enjoyment as a result of these changes.

4.1.2 The Organizer can raise the price and demand compensation if the exchange rate changes, the carrier charges, change if it affects tour costs, increase in laws, taxes and similar obligations that affect the increase in tour costs and unilaterally increases the price of essential service providers for tour. In order to increase the published price up to 10%, there is no need for passenger consent, and the price increase can only relate to a portion of the service that has not yet been paid by the passenger.

If the increase in the total contract price exceeds 10%, the passenger may terminate the contract without written compensation by written notice but no later than 48 hours after notification of price increase, in which case the passenger is entitled to repay what passenger paid to the Organizer. If the passenger does not inform the Organizer in writing of his withdrawal from the contract within a specified period, he is deemed to be in agreement with the new price.

4.1.3 The accommodation offered under the program may be replaced by residents of the organizer of another accommodation of the same or higher categories at the place provided by the travel program. Accommodation in the lower categories can only be done with the passenger’s consent, with a refund of the difference in price relative to the accommodation category.

4.1.4 The tour operator is not responsible for tour users’ health problems. The passenger is obliged to take care of the health and health of children as well as persons traveling with him (chronic illness, allergy, age, disability, psychiatric illness and others when making a contract, choosing a destination as a result of which there is a need for special nutrition, accommodation, special services and treatments) and in writing to provide special services in this regard, otherwise the organizer of the tour will not take any special obligations or may be liable for damage on the basis of this, nor any complaints related to this can be determined.

Please, read other sections that follow to get a better insight into the organizer’s special rights and obligations when unforeseen circumstances arise.


5.1 The Organizer is obliged to inform passengers in the shortest possible time if a tour change occurs prior to the start of the tour.

5.1.1 If there has been a significant change before departure, the passenger will be able to accept another bid with the corresponding or higher standard; or the choice of certain lower-level tour arrangements along with the return of the price difference; or cancel and receive a full refund. The definition of “significant change” is a change that is reasonably necessary, but it depends on the individual tour and circumstance.

5.1.2 The Organizer is entitled to change the program before the departure if unforeseen circumstances occur, avoid or remove, which were not received at the time of receipt of the tour payment.
The Organizer reserves the right to change the day or hour of the tour, extension or shortening of the duration of the event, as well as the right to change the tour’s flow in the program, if the conditions change (elemental disasters, vehicles may become faulty, traffic congestion at the border or in traffic, delayed landing, in a particular country strikes affecting the implementation of the program, closing of any of the places scheduled for the tour, changes to the visa system or other exceptional circumstances) without obligation to pay damages or other compensation to the passenger.

5.1.3 The above mentioned changes can occur during the realization of the tour and due to specific destinations in relation to the calendar period (religious holidays, customs, holidays, etc.). In that case, the Organizer is obliged to inform the passenger about the change, as most relevant, with the oral notification relevant under particular circumstances (if the same writing may not be sent on time due to lack of time).


6.1 The Organizer is entitled to change the program under the started tour if unforeseen circumstances occur, avoid or remove, which were not exist at the time before departure.

6.2 Changes in the residence and travel program are possible during the tour, which does not cause the participants to pay.


7.1 The Organizer is entitled waiving the tour unless the minimum number of passengers planned by the tour program has been notified or in the case of extraordinary circumstances.

7.1.1 The Organizer for the cancellation of the tour for these reasons is obliged to notify the passengers no later than 7 days prior to the scheduled tour and is required to return the total amount paid to the passenger within 15 days of the cancellation date.

7.1.2 The tour operator can fully or partially cancel the tour, in the case of unforeseen circumstances that could not be anticipated, which could be avoided or remedied, which would have existed at the time of the publication of the program, the motivated Organizer’s reason for the program not to publish and not previously paid. If the tour for these motivated reasons expires, the Organizer is entitled to a fee for the services actually provided.

In the case of a complete cancellation of the contract, the Organizer will attempt to provide the traveler with an alternative travel program for the same or another destination that the traveler accepts or refuses within 24 hours, in which case the parties will regulate their relations with the contract.

7.1.3 If the trip is canceled for these reasons, the organizer is entitled to a fee for the services actually provided.

7.1.4 Unless specifically stated in the itinerary for the tour to be carried out, the minimum number of booked passengers in a particular vehicle shall be:

• For travel by bus, 45 passengers – unless otherwise stated in the travel program.
• Traveling on scheduled flights in Europe, 15 passengers – unless otherwise stated in the travel program.
• For tours on intercontinental airline, 10 passengers – unless otherwise stated in the travel program.
• For tours to customized airline, train or boat, at least 80% of capacity utilization.


8.1 The passenger is entitled to cancel the tour and is required to inform the organizers of the tour. Cancellation can be made directly on the website, or in writing including cancellation by e-mail. The date of the written cancellation is the basis for calculating the fee, according to the law of the Organizer, expressed as a percentage of the total price, if the tour program is not otherwise stated, as follows:

• 5% if the tour is canceled up to 45 days before the start of the trip (early cancellation)
• 10% if the tour is canceled for one month, ie 30 days before the trip starts
• 20% if the tour is canceled 29 – 21 days before the start of the trip
• 40% if the tour is canceled 20 – 15 days before the start of the trip
• 80% if the tour is canceled 14 – 10 days before the start of the trip
• 90% if the tour is canceled 9 – 6 days before the start of the trip
• 100% if canceled 5 to 0 days before the start of the tour or during the tour

8.2 The passenger pays only the incurred costs to the Organizer if he canceled due to circumstances that he could not avoid or eliminate: illness or death of the passenger or spouse and children, first hereditary relatives, brother or sister, or a call for military exercise of passengers and elementary accidents are officially declared. For these cases, the passenger is required to submit written evidence to the Organizer.

In this case, the passenger is obliged to give written confirmation to the Organizer of the reason for cancellation issued by the competent authorities within 5 days. If the person who canceled the tour provides a suitable replacement or the organizer finds replacement the person is obliged to pay only the costs of the Organizer.


9.1 Passenger’s right and obligation is that, prior to the conclusion of the tour agreement, it is known in detail with tour programs as well as with the contents of the Terms & Conditions, travel insurance terms, which at the end of the travel agreement confirm the acceptance of clauses in the Contract.

9.1.1 The passenger who making the reservation through the website, in this case, the passenger is guaranteed to have read and accepted Website Rules for the website and Terms and Conditions, that they will be downloaded and printed from the website along with the tour program.
The passenger who makes a reservation by phone and does not want or may not enter the agency to sign a contract but wants to make the payment electronically guilty is to be familiar with the program and Terms & Conditions via the website. In this case, the passenger is deemed to have accepted the Terms & Conditions by paying an advance.

9.1.2 To pay the amount in the currencies of the way and dynamic indicated.

9.1.3 Provide the Organizer with the information and documents necessary for transport, accommodation, border crossing within the stipulated deadline. For any incorrectness in the mentioned documents, the passenger is personally responsible.

9.1.4 The passenger personally, his documents and baggage comply with the terms and conditions of our regulations and the rules of the countries in which he travels (border, customs, sanitary, monetary, etc.). In the case of non-conformity, all consequences shall be bear responsibility of the passenger himself.
The passenger is obliged to provide the border authorities with an appropriate certificate of all valuables that brings with him and is obliged to deposit them in the safe or at the reception of the accommodation.
Traveling to certain countries, where specific rules apply as mandatory vaccination or provision of certain documents, means that the passenger must carry out the necessary vaccinations and provide appropriate confirmation of it.

9.1.5 The passenger is personally responsible and carries all possible consequences for the damage caused to the tour operator by failing to comply with or violating these and other laws, rules and regulations.
The passenger is obliged to compensate for any damage caused by means of transport and accommodation on site.

9.1.6 When driving in buses, toilets are not in use, unless otherwise permitted.

9.1.7 The passenger is obliged to comply with the house rules at the facility where he is located and personally responsible for any damage occurring on the object, room, apartment while staying in the same.

9.1.8 The participants on the tour shall be required to inform the competent healthcare institute and comply with all health conditions for travel to a particular country. In case of illness, the passenger must bear the costs of treatment.

9.1.9 If the passenger has not booked and arranged accommodation of special functions, he may accept officially registered accommodation as described in the tour program.


10.1.1 A passenger may designate another person to instead use the services provided by the tour program. The requirement is that this person meets the specific requirements planned for a particular tour and that the tour Operator compensates for the costs caused by the substitution.

10.1.2 If the passenger does not come to arrival or on their own break, the tour Organizer is not obliged to accept the request for repayment of the money. Also, if passenger is prevented from continuing due to the breached infringement, or because the program’s representatives and the program are not followed and thus do not use the program provided for the services, the Organizer is not required to accept the refund request.
The passenger shall bear all the consequences of the loss (theft or other disappearance) of personal documents or baggage before or during the trip.

10.1.3 The passenger is entitled to a free luggage contribution up to the weight of the carrier. The tour operator is not responsible for the broken, damaged or lost luggage or for theft of luggage.

10.1.4 The Organizer may not be held responsible for the passport’s incomplete or unauthorized visa, as well as the responsibility for diplomatic or consular post refusing to issue a visa or if the competent authority of a foreign country does not approve entry to the country. All possible costs will be covered by passenger.

10.1.5 The Organizer is free from fulfilling the agreement then if the passenger in connection with the group trip impedes the execution of the tour due to hard and inappropriate behavior, irrespective of warnings. In this case, the passenger is obliged to compensate the organizer for the damage.
In the case of a breach of the law and in particular the law of the country where the passenger is staying, all the consequences of the individual passenger are borne by the tour Operator and not to ensure the return of the same person (the perpetrator of crime) together with the rest of the group. if the crime makes a group of passengers the Organizer also has no essential obligation for such passengers or a group of passengers.

10.1.6 RECOMMENDS to passengers to insure themselves and their luggage with some insurance companies to protect them from unforeseen circumstances.

10.1.7 Youth can only be part of the arrangement with one of the parents or with written consent from both parents or guardians who are certified by the court.


11.1 The prices are published in the tour program and are valid from the day of publication of the program and presented in euro (€).

11.1.1 Prices for all tours are per person (without / with accommodation, based on double occupancy rooms) unless otherwise stated in the tour program.

11.1.2 The prices are based on the organizational policy of the Organizer and may not be subject to complaints.

11.1.3 For the payment date, count the date on which the passenger paid electronically or the day the amount was received on the Organizer’s current bank account.

11.2 Content in the tour program is a lot of services described and offered in the tour program provided by the Organizer during the tour, which has published a unique tour price.

11.2.1 All types of additional services of a certain quality (single rooms, extra meals, other special conditions, etc.) not provided by the tour program for which the passenger is interested, the parties are required to arrange in advance with the Organizer prior to the tour, if the Organizer can realize such special services.

11.2.2 A tour program includes a combination of at least two of the following services: transport services, hotels, caterings services and travel organization costs (agency agents, guide, local guide) for which the services are defined by the program price.

The price of the arrangement does not usually include:

• Optional excursions
• Flight taxes and other taxes
• Costs for obtaining and issuing visas
• Tickets for the items to be visited
• Passenger and baggage insurance, which is agreed separately
• Additional services: Room service, use of room bars, sports, recreational, medical, telephone or internet services
• All types of special services: use of sun chairs and umbrellas, single rooms, extra meals, room-sea view or special position room, “suite” or family room, the passenger pays in particular and is required to order them when book tour.

If a passenger requests a special service during the tour, he will pay the same to the foreign partner’s representative in the currency of the country in which he is located, or directly to the supplier.

11.2.3 The Organizer may not be held responsible for optional excursions and subsequent services at the request of the passenger performed and charged by an ino-partner or direct supplier, not provided by the tour program.

11.2.4 The Organizer can predict that services exclusively used abroad (voluntary excursions, tickets to resorts, etc.) are paid by the passenger directly to foreign authorities abroad – to third parties abroad. Prices are determined on the basis of agreements with our foreign partners and MUST NOT correspond to the prices displayed on the spot – the destination where the passenger stay and any price difference may not be the subject of a complaint. The passenger is obliged to pay the price by agreement and any complaints and objections to the quality of the services rendered can’t affect the agreed passenger’s obligation, especially when paying the deduction fee, but in this case, the provisions of paragraph 7 of these general Terms and Conditions apply to tour.


12.1 All services listed in the travel program should mean the average quality standards, custom and specific for specific destinations and locations. If the services of another volume, quality, characteristics and purposes not specifically provided in writing upon booking, they can’t justify the expected and requested.

12.2 Descriptions in the Organizer’s offer apply exclusively to residential facilities with associated content and not to a broader environment (eg surrounding facilities, terrain configuration, possible noise, traffic, etc.). Some of the listed content in the program need not work, especially with regard to residence time and other parameters (eg outdoor swimming pool in the winter or closed pools in the summer …), all according to the rules of hotel owners.

12.3 Only the descriptions of the services included in the tour programs are relevant, not the description of services in the catalogs – publications or on web pages for direct providers, for example, hotels and others not covered by the specified program.

12.3.1 The offered means of transport, accommodation facilities and other programs in the Organizer’s programs are described according to the official categorization of the home country at the time of publication of the tour program.

12.3.2 Nutrition, comfort and other services are categorized according to local national regulations by resident tourist agencies, and the standards of accommodation and services are different and not comparable to destinations.

12.3.3 The Organizer is entitled to hire all types of coaches that meet the requirements of bus comfort (minibus, bus or double deck) without prior notice of the type of bus.

12.4 The Organizer’s representative, tour guides, local guides, tourist animator or any local representatives of the organizers planned by the tour program do not mean that they are full-time and continuous attendance, but only contact and provision of services under the predetermined conditions specified in the tour program. In addition, the Organizer’s representative, tour guide or any guide is not competent to decide on any emergency medical assistance to the passenger or police intervention, etc. but a decision is made only by the passenger, at his discretion and necessity, in each case.

12.5 We especially warn the difference in standards and criteria that are characteristic of non-European destinations, in relation to generally accepted European characteristics, therefore we recommend, at least, the choice of several categories of hotels.

12.6 The tour program is marked with number of calendar days. The first day is the day of departure, and the last day indicated on the travel program is the return day, unless it is a full-day excursion.


13.1 The passenger is obliged to take care of the importance of his travel documents and, if it is doubtful, make appropriate checks with the competent authorities.

13.1.1 For travel abroad, the passenger must have a valid travel document during stay (sometimes, a validity period of at least 6 months is required).

13.1.2 The passenger is obliged to provide the organizer with the necessary information in due time and if a visa is required in the country where the passenger is traveling, is to him to arrange a visa within the time limit for the travel program. Otherwise, if passenger does not deliver the required documents within the deadline, he is deemed to have given his tour. The organizer is not responsible for the accuracy of the visa information or for any mistakes made by the embassy or third party, which may affect the validity of the visa and entry into the country.

13.1.3 All conditions stipulated in the travel program concern only EU citizens and the tour operator is not guilty or motivated to warn passengers – nationals of other countries of the terms (visa, for example) applicable to the destination or transit country. It is only the duty of the passenger, foreign citizen, to be informed by the competent consulate and accordingly to provide the necessary conditions and documents on time.
If the trip may not be realized for the above reasons, given the above, it is solely about a foreign citizen failure.

13.1.4 Incongruities of personal data given to the Organizer with information in the passenger’s passport (passenger’s name etc.) may result in the printing of a new air ticket, with expenses or even declaring a ticket not valid during the trip, for which consequences the traveler is responsible self.

13.1.5 The failure of all travel documents and incapacity to carry out a trip due to a ban on passengers, borders or other competent authorities, entry, transit or resettlement in the country is the circumstance beyond the scope of the tour Organizer, which should be taken into account.

13.2 During the journey the passenger is obliged to take care of his travel documents and luggage, to take attention to the usual routines during transportation, as well as times of departures and arrivals.

13.2.1 The passenger is obliged to take responsibility during the journey, on his travel documents, and if he loses passports or the same is stolen, at his own expense, give new and carry all possible harmful consequences, if this occurs.

13.2.2 Passenger air traffic is regulated by international air regulations, as well as airline rules that the tour operator engages. Regular-line flights involve transporting passengers of the economy class. Moving the scheduled departure time as well as delayed airplanes on one or more regular-lines or charter flights during their journey, the tour Operator has no impact on the possible consequences caused by delay. In addition, caused by any other reason beyond the influence of the Organizer, the tour operator has no impact on the possible consequences, such as safety reasons, air traffic conditions, weather conditions, technical faults, etc. The current regulations and remuneration in air traffic are already applied.

13.2.3 The passenger is obliged to take special care when passing regular procedures at airports and on board a timely flight. Follow careful the instructions and warnings that immediately publish the airline, as any inattention can cause the passenger to miss a flight, do not board the plane, a mistake on the exit – gate, or delay.

13.2.4 The above also refers to other modes of transport and transfers. Bus and bus transfers are carried out by standard coaches according to the rules and criteria that apply. As a rule, the places are not numbered, or the way to change places during the tour is determined if something else in the tour program is not regulated.

13.2.5 Therefore, the Organizer or carrier is authorized to carry out passenger planning, depending on the particular circumstances. Bus delays due to weather conditions, extraordinary occasions in traffic, excessive attitude at borders, malfunctions and the like, are in the nature of things influenced by the Organizer, which is worth remembering. The passenger has a duty to act correctly (if affected by alcohol, drugs or inappropriate behavior), the Organizer is entitled to not receive him for transportation or in the presence of the police he will be removed from the means of transport and further transport to the destination, and it is not an obligation for the Organizer.

13.2.6 Smoking, consumption of drugs and alcohol are prohibited in means of transport. The passenger’s behavior must not harass the bus crews, bus drivers and guides, otherwise it will be removed immediately from the transport vehicle. The route, breaks, location and length of their duration are determined by the tour leader – driver. The tour guide – driver is entitled, due to unavoidable circumstances, to change the schedule, route, or order in a tour of the site.

The passenger is obliged to accept any offered space in the means of transport. To carry luggage from the parking to the accommodation is the passenger (transport will be as close as possible to the accommodation). If transport of luggage from the parking to the hotel is organized by the hotel, the organizer will not be liable for loss or damage to luggage. For the forgotten things on the bus, the organizer is not responsible, but will take all necessary measures within his capacity to find them. It is a duty for passengers to clearly mark their luggage with personal information, and that personal belongings and values do not on the bus (organizer is not responsible for their disappearance). While driving in buses, they do not use toilets unless approved.

13.2.7 The passenger shall be liable to compensate for any damage to the vehicle and to the accommodation object directly on the site.

13.2.8 Transport of passengers by rail, sea, river or lake means of transport is carried out, and the direct liability of these carriers is determined in accordance with the rules governing the said type of transport.


14.1 The passenger has the right to complain about the service by strictly following the rules to fix the problem.

14.1.1 In case of dissatisfaction with the service, you must immediately report to the organizer or other authorized person’s representative so that an action can be taken to eliminate the problem in accordance with applicable international regulations, national regulations and applicable implementations.

14.1.2 The passenger is obliged to cooperate with the representative of the organizer and the immediate service provider in good faith to eliminate the reasons for the complaint. If the passenger does not accept the offered solution that corresponds to the paid service, the organizer does not accept the subsequent passenger’s complaint.

14.1.3 If the reason for the complaint is not removed on site, the passenger with the organizer’s representative or service provider shall issue a written confirmation in duplicate signed by both. The passenger keeps a copy of this notification.

14.1.4 If the reason for the complaint is removed in place, the passenger is obliged to sign the notification in the same way, and in the other case, the fact that he continued to use the offered solution is considered to be the entire travel program.

14.1.5 Each passenger is entitled to a complaint on an unfulfilled or partially completed service and is obliged to attach the actual evidence to the tour operator no later than 8 days after the end of the tour, in writing, in time and with reasoned complaints.
It’s in your interest to submit your complaint within the deadline so that the Organizer may consider the same in detail, which indicates that the Organizer may not adequately consider group complaints filed without proxy representative and group complaints without actual concrete complaints in relation to each passenger individually.

14.1.6 The passenger is obliged to cooperate well and patiently wait for a time frame of 1 to 2 days to remove complaints (badly cleaned apartment, refrigerator fault, electricity or water leakage, etc.).

14.2 The passenger has the right to reclamation, partial or complete failure to perform the service provided by the tour operator.

14.2.1 If the organizer’s failure goes to a non-execution or incomplete execution of the service, the passenger is entitled to lower the price to the extent that is the real difference between the procurement and the actual services. The Organizer is required to respond to the received written and current complaint within 15 days from the date of receipt or within the same deadline for making the refund of money for the purpose of a reduction in the price, if the complaint is justified.

14.2.2 The compensation paid with a justified and fair complaint is proportional to the amount of unpaid or partially completed service, which means that it may not of course be included in the services used or the amount of the arrangement’s total price.

14.2.3 If a passenger accepts payment of compensation for the purpose of a reasonable price reduction or any other form of compensation, it is understood that the passenger agrees with the organizer’s proposal for a peaceful resolution of the dispute and thereby repeals any further claims against the organizer.

14.2.4 It is considered that the difference in the price difference between the passenger and the organizer has been achieved in accordance with the law and these Rules & Conditions when the organizer offered the passenger a real price difference for the inadequately provided services.

14.2.5 If any damage is to be compensated by the service provider, the Organizer determines whether the payment will be made by him and that the service provider is compensated or represented by the passenger to compensate the damage to the service provider.

14.2.6 In the interests of both parties, primarily for reasons of economic and completeness, the passenger does not initiate any other process until the respondent receives an answer in connection with the complaint and therefore any request for a new process which is not initiated before the expiry of the deadline.

14.2.7 All disputes receiving compensation for damages based on this shall be governed by the general jurisdiction of the Court.


15.1.1 In case of individual reservations, “on request”, the organizer charges the booking fee according to the engagement date, postal and other charges (telephone, e-mail, fax, etc.).

15.1.2 The traveler deposits the advance payment on behalf of the reservation (on request), which may not be less than 15 €. If the booking is accepted by the traveler, the advance payment is included in the price of the package. If the booking is not confirmed by the organizer, the advance payment will be refunded to the traveler in full.

15.1.3 If a passenger does not accept the offered and confirmed booking, the organizer will retain the entire amount of the deposit to cover the cost of the booking.

15.1.4 The organizer is not responsible for any lack, material or physical damage to individual tourist services at the request of a passenger, for which he is only intermediary between passengers and direct suppliers (eg individual accommodation, transport services, sports events, excursions, rent a car etc.)

15.1.5 In the event of a dispute the court on organizer’s seat shall be responsible.


16.1.1 Discounts and special offers can only be applied at the time of booking and may not be retrospectively added at a later date, regardless of any following changes made to the original booking.

16.1.2 Please carefully read our tour program condition to receive discounts for children, youth discounts, discounts for groups, etc., as well as other benefits specifically provided in the program.

16.1.3 Additional Terms and Conditions may be added under discounts and special offers and apply only to the specific offer they refer to. Please, see the website for special terms that apply to each offer. When two or more discounts may apply for a booking, in any case, only discounts that offer the maximum savings to the booking will apply. In all cases, only one discount may apply for a Montenegro Adventure booking.

16.1.4 The conditions for providing discounts for children and other benefits specifically specified in the travel program are determined by the hotel and other direct providers and should be interpreted restrictively (eg for children up to two years, the current calendar date is when the child is two years old, and not during the trip).


17.1 The passenger accepts that the price of the tour does not include travel insurance.

17.1.1 Montenegro Adventure informs everyone that all passengers obtain travel insurance while travelling with Montenegro Adventure covering personal injury, medical, repatriation, and evacuation expenses.

17.1.2 It’s strongly recommended the coverage be extended to include cancellation, curtailment, and all other expenses that might arise as a result of loss, damage, injury, delay or inconvenience occurring to the passenger.

17.1.3 Montenegro Adventure will not accept liability for loss, theft of, or damage to baggage or personal effects. Personal belongings lost or stolen while unattended by the passenger in public lounges or other public areas, whether on board a vessel, train, bus, or other mode of transportation, publicly owned or operated by Montenegro Adventure or elsewhere, are not reimbursable.

17.1.4 When obtaining travel insurance the passenger must ensure the insurer is aware of the type of travel to be undertaken.

17.2 If a passenger participates in a tour or excursion with activities, adventure, extreme or other sports, in addition to travel insurance, insurance for adventurous travel should also be obtained.

17.2.1 Tours or excursions with activities, adventures, extreme sports or other types of sports organized by Montenegro Adventure are designed to give the participants an exposure to the true nature of the visited environment and thus include an element of potential risk and exposure to potential hazards in relation to “normal packages”.

17.2.2 To participate in adventure tours, we recommend that passengers include travel insurance with adventure insurance or extreme sports that protect passengers from unwanted damage or other risks to these tours or activities. All reservations are accepted by Montenegro Adventure, provided that the passenger is aware of such risks and dangers and that the passenger takes all responsibility according to passenger’s own will.

17.2.3 If a passenger participates in an activity that is not part of the tour already organized by Montenegro Adventure, with a third party, the passenger takes all responsibility for participating in such activity and possible risks with such activity.

17.2.4 If passengers experience personal injury, possible other loss or death as a result of an activity included in an arrangement booked at Montenegro Adventure, Montenegro Adventure accepts liability only if death, personal injury or loss is caused by negligent action and / or negligence by Montenegro Adventure, agents or direct suppliers.

17.2.5 Montenegro Adventure shall not be liable for such death, personal injury or other loss suffered by the passenger if there was no mistake in Montenegro Adventure or his partner, or if the reason was the passenger’s fault (including without limitation the general meaning of the earlier participation of passengers in any activity / opportunity not included in the program or directly operated by Montenegro Adventure) or due to circumstances that neither Montenegro Adventure or its partners reasonably expect or avoid.


18.1.1 Offers with itineraries, dates and prices are valid from the publishing on our website until removal of the same from our website. Montenegro Adventure reserve the right to change any of the itineraries, services, facilities, prices, accommodations or vehicles described in the offers on our website without being liable for compensation or refund.

18.1.2 The General Terms and Conditions (incorporating these Website Rules and Booking Conditions) and all matters arising from it, is subject to Swedish or Montenegrin Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Swedish or Montenegrin Courts. The information contained in our offers online is correct at the time of publication. However, Montenegro Adventure accept no liability for any inaccuracies contained herein.

18.1.3 For all matters not regulated by des General Terms and Conditions shall apply the provisions of the Law on Tourism and Consumer Protection Act.

This Terms and Conditions is effective as of 15 November 2013

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