Booking & Payment

You can book in various ways.

How Our Booking & Payment Works

You can book your trip in various ways. The simplest is directly on the website, where you can choose to book and pay directly or book and pay later. You may also send a request by mail and we will give you further instructions about booking and payment.
If you wish you can also call us or visit us if you are near our office.

Payment And Accepted Payment Methods

1. Online Payment On Our Website

Credit / Debit Card

We accept all major debit and credit cards. You can pay safely and free of charge with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.

Book And Pay Later

If you wish to receive an invoice, please select the “Book and pay later” option. We will send you a link with your payment.

Partial Payment

With our Partial Payment method you can easily and conveniently pay your total tour cost in two parts.


At the time of booking, you pay the deposit and the rest no later than 30 days. (7 days for activity or excursion) before departure or start of the tour.

You can also apply for upgrading to our Smart Payment Method to pay the rest of the price on-site if desired at two or three parts interest-free. With these online payments, you can pay with Giro, IBAN or cash at our office, including the following Smartly Payment option.

2. Smartly Payment

How It Works

With our Smartly Payment Method you can easily and conveniently pay your total tour cost into two or three parts. At the time of booking you pay the deposition and notify us which option you choose, with 2 or 3 parts.

Pay in 2 parts

At the time of booking, you pay the deposition of 30 percent and before your trip, you notify us that part two of 70 percent you are paying on-site on the day of arrival to our representative when you arrive at the destination.

Pay in 3 parts

In this case at the time of booking you pay a deposition of 30 percent, then the second part of 30 percent and on-site the day of arrival to our representative when you arrive at the destination the remaining 40 percent.


If you paid the deposit (not the full amount) on our site, and you did not notify “Smartly Payment” that you want the Smartly Payment Method, we will then register you as a regular deposition online payment with later payment of outstanding amounts according to rules.

3. Pay by BankGiro or IBAN from Abroad

Pay by BankGiro

When you pay by BankGiro you must confirm payment on the same day. 

Please note that it takes three banking days before the payment reaches Montenegro Adventure unless you send a confirmation.
This payment method is only for Swedish customers.

Bank Account Number: 8214-9,693 884 379-1
BankGiro number: 5270-3543

Pay from abroad with IBAN

When payment to Montenegro Adventure takes place from abroad, the following information applies:

Bank: CKB Banka

IBAN: ME25 5100 0000 0001 2697 70

Company Name: Montenegro Adventure
Address: Prencanska 17, 84210 Pljevlja, Montenegro 


For further questions regarding payments contact Montenegro Adventure via email,,
or by fax, +382 (0) 52 321 955.

Booking & Payment Rules


Once you have made the reservation you can log in to “My Account” on the website. On “My Account” page you can find all the details about booking and payment and how you can pay the rest of the amount of the tour, as well as other details important to your booking.

When paying at our office

Montenegro Adventure travel agency is cashless due to security reasons. You can only pay by credit card/debit card in-store or by phone. 


Important information such as the description that has been booked, price details and payment methods will be sent via e-mail. Contact customer service at if you don’t receive an email confirmation within 24 hours.

Pay to confirm

If your booking date is less than 21 days (7 days for activity or excursion) before your departure or start of stay, then the full amount must be paid to confirm your booking.


If you have made a booking and received booking information, but you have not paid a deposit or the full amount within 7 days of the booking date, you must provide us with one of the two options (deposit or the full amount) to confirm your booking.

Our rights

We reserve the right to cancel your booking if full payment has not been received on time. To avoid misunderstandings due to payment delay. This applies to all types of bookings.

Booking Limit

You may not book more people than allowed in terms of each offer. If it is a group with more than 10 people please contact us by email before making a booking. Do not book more than 5 rooms online for the same date, regardless if it’s part of a package trip or as a separate accommodation.


If you have booked more than 5 rooms in total in separate reservations, we are entitled to cancel your reservations and charge a reasonable cancellation fee, if applicable.  If you have paid a deposit, we will deduct the cancellation fee from your deposit.


If you wish to book 6 or more rooms, you must contact Montenegro Adventure by mail or phone. One of our group travel agents will investigate your request and contact you to complete your reservation. You can be asked to sign a written contract and/or pay a non-refundable deposit.

Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation can be made directly online on the website. Montenegro Adventure will handle all such requests, including cancellations made by email.

If the customer is entitled to a refund after the deductions listed above and in General Terms and Conditions, the party who handled the original payment (eg Montenegro Adventure, a Supplier or other party displayed on Customer’s credit card or bank statement) will transfer current amount of the debit card used for the original booking. Any booking fees are not refundable.

If the customer does not arrive at departure, he or she is entitled to a refund only to the extent that it follows from the General Terms and Conditions (paragraph 3.4.3) and applies to General Terms and Conditions.

Change of booking

If the customer wants to change something after it has been booked, for example, travel date, destination, departure, or accommodation please contact us.

Changes in a booking usually mean that the original booking has to be canceled, which may mean that the compensation and / or fees charged by the Suppliers amounts to the entire value of the booked trip. The customer will then be charged the cost of the new reservation.

If you found someone to substitute you as a registered traveler, Montenegro Adventure must be informed about this at least 15 days before the start of the trip. Montenegro Adventure may however refuse to change if the traveler fails to comply with General Terms and Conditions or if their participation is in violation of these Rules.