Paragliding Crni Vrh (Kosanica)

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1 Hour
Availability : All year round
Crni Vrh (Kosanica)
Bitinsko Polje (Bitinsko Field)
Min Age : 15+
Max People : 4 - 15 (More on request)

Enjoy the paragliding from Crni Vrh and fly over the beautiful landscapes of meadows and mountains in Kosanica, as the famous canyon Tara river, and live the dream that people have been fascinating for centuries. 

Escape to the mountain peak at 1540 meters and land about 20 minutes later on the fields or meadows Bitinsko field, is an exceptional adventure. We offer tandem paragliding flights throughout the year, although the most popular is in the summer. 

Departure & Return Location

Kosanica (Google Map)

Departure Time

15 Min Before Paragliding Time

Included in price

  • Paragliding and full paragliding equipment
  • Certified paragliders and drivers
  • Transport according to program
  • Fees for paragliding
  • 1 x 0.5 liter bottle of water
  • Organization costs
  • An unforgettable experience

Not included in price

  • Cancellation and Travel Insurance
  • Optional activities
  • Meals and Beverages
  • Gratuity (Optional)
  • Additional services
  • Other expenses not included in program


  • Good shoes & Long pants
  • Adventure or extreme sports Insurance
  • Hat or Cap & Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen (warmer months)
  • Camera
  • Umbrella or Raincoat (if it rains)
What to Expect

If you want to experience this beautiful place with the surrounding areas and amazing green canyon, the largest in Europe and the second deepest in the world, we offer you unforgettable paragliding on the Crni Vrh. Experienced or not, you will be able to fly and enjoy the impressive views of the meadows, mountain peaks, canyon and Tara river.

Paragliding gives you an extraordinary sense of freedom, raises adrenaline and provides an unusual view of natural beauty from the “bird’s eye”. The Pljevlja basin, surrounded by mountain ranges, is ideal terrain for this type of adventure tourism. Favourable winds and good climatic conditions additionally favour the promotion of free-floating paragliders on Kosanica terrains for several years.

It is definitely a place that should be visited if you are looking to enjoy nature with activities where everything feels like an adventure, taste delicious organic foods and have fun. You come to experience when you take yourself, your friends or family on your journey with paragliding on the famous Kosanica with Tara River canyon:

  • A landscape of magnificent meadows, canyon and mountains
  • The spectacular views on Đurđevića Tara Bridge
  • The bird's eye view to Durmitor, Butinsko field and surrounding
  • Delicious, authentic food from this mountain range
  • Mountain peak Crni Vrh 1540 meters
  • Possibility for other activities like Zipline, Jeep Safari...

11:00Welcome meeting and departure

• We’ll meet about 15 minutes before paragliding time on parking at restaurant “Kod Cara” in Kosanica for a “welcome meeting”. Please, check your voucher or our website beforehand for the correct Pick-up and Drop-Off locations and times.

• Our adventure starts from Kosanica. Kosanica is a village between Pljevlja and Đurđevića Tara (famous for the Bridge on river Tara). There is a school, a few houses and Durmitor mountain in the background)

• We drive along the winding road to the Crni Vrh. During the ride, we have a fantastic view of mountain ranges. We make a short photo break and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

11:20Arrival at start point for paragliding

• Arrival at mountain peak Crni Vrh 1540 meters, starting point for paragliding about 5 km from the “meeting point”. Preparing for safe paragliding. Full paragliding equipment including.

• Your paragliding begins on the slope with a short introduction to paragliding practice and safety procedures led by your guide/paraglider.


11:30Departing paragliding

• Departing paragliding, through the very attractive areas of the Kosanica, canyon Tara and surrounding. A paragliding flight lasts 20 minutes, depending on the water level with the ability for photography and record.

• Favorable winds and good climatic conditions additionally favour the promotion of free-floating paragliders on Kosanica terrains

• We will see the beautiful surrounding areas and amazing Kosanica meadows, as you look towards the first route that you are flying. Paragliding continues to the famous and very popular tourist attraction Đurđevića Tara bridge, where we’re flying over this architectural wonder. In the continuation of the paragliding, we will enjoy the view of the famous peak of Durmitor and other surrounding mountain peaks, before we land in beautifully Bitinsko field.

11:50End of paragliding flight on the Bitinsko Polje

• Paragliding flight End destination Bitinsko Polje, where we will take off the equipment and have a short break.

• Bitinsko Polje has an elevation of 1,204 meters.

11:55Return journey to the meeting place

• Return journey to the meeting place on parking at restaurant “Kod Cara” in Kosanica, or under the program. Our ride through Kosanica village takes about ten minutes with spectacular views of the surrounding area with impressive views of the meadows and mountain peaks.


12:00Arrival at meeting place and the End of paragliding

• Arrival at the meeting place on parking at restaurant “Kod Cara” in Kosanica. Or, the starting point for the activity at the location and agreed time specified in the voucher according to the daily program or agreement.

• We hope you had an unforgettable experience and you are welcome again.
Doviđenja! Goodbye!

Important Information

Main details

  • To realize this activity the minimum number of participants must be at least 3 people (trio – with at least 1 adult). If the minimum number of participants (3) is not reached see Booking Form prices, also Pricing information and Prices, or contact us if you have any questions.
  • The maximum number of participants is 15 (larger groups on request).
  • The program can be changed (eg, due to the traffic, the safety, etc.)
  •  The program time can be adjusted if needed (eg conditions, service, etc)

Starts on & Ends on

Please, come 5 – 10 minutes before departing time at the boarding location after the driving schedule or agreement from Kosanica. Also, look closely at the scheduled time and location where will you get on the car, minibus or bus. We can’t accept a late departure request.
• Starts on: parking at restaurant “Kod Cara” in Kosanica .
Depart at the scheduled time and location or agreement. Get information beforehand on our website if you have not in the voucher, your guide can give you more details about the activity.
• Ends on: parking at restaurant “Kod Cara” in Kosanica .
Arrive at the scheduled time and location or agreement. Your guide can give you more information about the activity and any other information you want.

About Boarding and Arrival Locations

The car, minibus or bus depart at the scheduled time and location. To ensure smooth operation, we cannot take requests for late departures. Please double-check your booking beforehand for the correct locations and times. Please note that we show all boarding/arriving locations available on the website. So please use this as a reference only.
• About hotel guests: According to the scheduled time at Pick-Up and Drop-Off locations. If agreed to Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service from the hotel, then a boarding location will be parked outside the hotel or in front of the hotel at the agreed time specified in the voucher.
• About other guests: If you come on your own, in your own car or bus, you‘ll be at the starting point for the activity at least 10 minutes before departure. Please, check our website or travel agency beforehand for the correct locations and times.
• If you can’t find transportation to get to us, we will be happy to organize transportation (dependent on availability).

Booking Confirmation & Voucher

  • Please confirm your booking in accordance with terms and conditions, or contact the travel agency. Confirm booking within 7 days of the booking date by paying a 30% deposit, and the rest based on a payment plan. Please, confirm the booking immediately during the booking process if it’s less than 7 days before the planned departure for this activity.

NOTEIf you don’t confirm your booking within the stipulated period, your booking will be cancelled automatically. In that case, a new booking must be made, but then we don’t guarantee availability.
• Bookings that are made online can be confirmed using My Account. My Account includes all information, you’ll be able to track the confirmation, track your payment status, meeting point location and you can also rate the activity after you finished it.
Note: Bookings made by phone cannot be checked from My Account.

Change & Cancellation Policy

All changes are subject to availability and a price increase or equivalent administrative charge imposed during the booking process.

  • For any type of change, please contact our Customer Center directly.

Montenegro Adventure also reserves the right not to offer a change of the activity if the ordered activity differs too much from the booked at the first opportunity. Changes made less than 7 days before the scheduled departure time are not allowed unless the providers or destination requires otherwise.

Cancellation Policy:
The passenger is entitled to cancel the activity and is required to inform the organizer. Cancellation can be made directly on the website, or in writing including cancellation by e-mail: The date of the written cancellation is the basis for calculating the fee, according to the law of the Organizer, expressed as a percentage of the total price, if the program is not otherwise stated, as follows:

  • no cancellation fee if cancelled at least 7 days before the scheduled departure
    • 50% if cancelled 6 – 3 days before the scheduled departure
    • 100% if cancelled within 48 hours before the scheduled departure

Note: If activity is missed due to delays or missing arrival, refunds will not be issued. 

We advise all clients to take out a sport or extreme sports insurance.

Additional information

It is recommended to book as early as possible to guarantee availability – or at least seven days before departure for an activity.

  • If there is an insufficient number of participants during your reservation and you want to book a “private activity” and pay a deposit, but in the meantime, other people also booked then, the basic price will be calculated. Just give us a notification when booking for this “basic” option.
  • The activity is possible to arrange with transfer from all towns in Montenegro for individuals and groups. (Contact us for details and prices).
  • The activity can be organized in conjunction with another activity or tour, as a full day (with/without accommodation) or longer. See our offers and contact us to meet your needs or according to your wishes.

• Montenegro Adventure keeps the right to change the price if service providers change prices.

Participants & Children

Participants & Children:
• Participants in the activity are individuals or small groups.
• Children with parents or guardians must be 2-12 years.
Children under 7 years can’t participate in activities (see below children’s minimum age).
If you are under 18 you will need parental permission, unless you travel in the company of an adult (18 years of age or older).

Children’s minimum age:

Please, be sure to check in the activity program if the child’s age is limited. In most activities we offer, the minimum age for children is 7 years, but we also have activities where the age of the child is not limited.

However, children under 7 years (0-6 years) cannot do all the activities, and parents must always supervise them. If there is a possibility, we can arrange childcare if parents want to leave their younger children to stay with our staff.

The minimum age for Rafting, Canyoning, Walking or Trekking – child older than 7 years. Paragliding, Horseback riding and Quad (ATV) would be 10 years. The minimum age for Kayak, SUP and Rock Climbing is 12 years.

Useful Information

• Season: All year, but usually from May to November
• Length: About 5 km.
• Duration: 2 Hours
• Code: FDA – PGCV – 003 – MA

Good to Know

• Currency: Euro (€)
• Gratuity (Tip, Bakhshish): Your Montenegro Adventure crew never expect to tip themselves and will not request any. However, if you are pleased with our staff who have served you, and you still want to give tip, our staff will appreciate it and be grateful for your gesture.
• Clothes: Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the activity. Hat or cap, sunscreen and appropriate sun protection clothing is required during warmer months. A small umbrella or raincoat for rain will be useful in case of light rain. The weather in the mountains of Montenegro can be very unpredictable (warmer clothing for months other than summer). Please prepare for various weather conditions.

Pricing information

  • The price is based on the packages of how many people participate, and per person, as well as according to the suggested date of the activity/tour.
  • To realize this activity/tour must be at least 3 people (trio – at least 1 adult). Also, see Booking Form prices, or contact us.
    • If there are more than 15 participants in the group, then get a smaller discount. Also, contact us.

    Price policy*: The price of the activity/ tour is based per person (and by age)
    *Our price policy: for adults is (12+), children from 2-12 (who have not reached the full 12 ​​years), and infants (baby) 0-23 months (child) who have not reached the full 2 ​​years.
    – Adults is always from 12 years
     (excluding separate activities or day-tours).
    – Children aged 2-12: for activities or day-tours, different discounts are depending on the program and the other included things in the price, and most often it is 10-15 %.
    *For some activities such as kayaking, paragliding, etc. there is no discount for children 2-12 years, and most of our activities are for children from 7 years. Example: The age limits for practising ie canyoning – the lower limit is about 8 years, depending on the constitution of the child.
    – Children from 0-23 months: Child/Baby- It is not recommended that they participate in this activity/tour.


Currency: Euro (€)

  • Adults: from 100€ (Adults older than 12 years)

More prices with various participants based on the different packages – see Booking Form prices